College Honor Board Disciplinary Actions

Portland Maine Attorney

Colleges and universities publish Honor Codes that establish rules and regulations to govern student conduct during their matriculation and set forth procedures the institutions will follow in the face of reported violations. Violations include academic misconduct; unlawful use and/or sale of illegal drugs and alcohol; sexual harassment; violation of residence hall policies; and criminal activity committed on campus.

For a student accused of violating the Honor Code, the repercussions will depend upon the seriousness of the alleged conduct. Minor incidents may be resolved informally without a hearing, but more egregious infractions ordinarily result in a hearing before a Committee of school administrators, faculty members, and students. Sanctions range from receiving a failing grade for academic dishonesty, to loss of campus privileges, probation, suspension or permanent expulsion for the most serious offenses. Oftentimes, disciplinary actions are noted on a student’s permanent record as well.

We have successfully represented students in such disciplinary actions at major colleges and universities in Maine and other New England States. In most cases, we have been able to negotiate settlements that permit our clients to remain in school, or to leave school with no blemish on their permanent records. Similar results have been achieved in those cases that have proceeded to hearing before a committee.