Understanding White Collar Crimes and How an Attorney Can Help

Maine White Collar Crime Attorney

White Collar Crimes Attorney | Law Office of Richard BerneWhite Collar Crimes are incredibly complex and technical legal matters. Whether you find yourself as a defendant or a plaintiff in one of these matters you will certainly need to retain an experienced attorney to help you navigate through the process.

White Collar Crimes are typically non violent crimes that are committed for financial gain through a scheme or deceptive practice. Here are some of the more common white collar charges.

  • Fraud is a common white collar crime and takes place when someone knowingly makes a false statement to gain something in return. In order, for fraud to occur a person must rely on the false statement and as a result lose something of value.
  • Forgery is another common charge when one uses an altered document with the intent to injure or defraud another person. Forgery can range from fake checks to producing fake art.

There are many other types of white collar crimes including ponzi schemes, insider trading, and healthcare fraud. No matter what type of white collar criminal proceeding you find yourself in you will need to engage an experienced attorney immediately.

An attorney can immediately start speaking to the investigative authorities on your behalf. Many people make the mistake of cooperating with investigators in hopes that it will benefit them. However, investigators are collecting information that can be used against you, so it is best to let your attorney handle it. In the end, you may cooperate with the investigation but your attorney will ensure you are gaining something in return.

An attorney will also help you understand the charges you are facing. These charges can be very technical in nature so your attorney will need to take the time to review each charge, discuss potential consequences and work with you to decide on the best course of action.

No matter what white collar litigation you find yourself entangled in, make sure you reach out to an attorney with significant experience in this field as that is the only way to obtain a successful outcome. If you would like to discuss you situation please reach out to The Law Office of Richard S. Berne a Maine white collar crime attorney.