What Makes a Good Criminal Lawyer in Portland, Maine?

When you’ve been accused of a crime, you want ensure that you have a highly-qualified lawyer on your side; someone who with extensive experience with the court system and equally experienced in the type of charge you are facing . Unfortunately, most people are not equipped to determine whether a particular lawyer has the experience and skills to properly represent them and to obtain the best outcome. In order to assure that you have the best possible representation we suggest that you consider the following factors:

1. The lawyer has experience with the type of crime you’ve been accused of.

You of course do not want to retain a family law attorney to represent you in a criminal case but finding an experienced, qualified lawyer who is well versed in criminal defense means more than that. You also want an attorney who has handled cases similar to yours and has a proven track record. Ideally, you seek an attorney who has helped those similarly situated as you to avoid criminal prosecution or lessened the consequences of facing such charges.

2. The lawyer respects you as a person, rather than treating you as just another case.

You should expect your lawyer to communicate clearly with you and to demonstrate empathy for your difficult position.  You should feel that yours is not just another case to him or her but rather as important as any other matter he or she is handling.  A good criminal lawyer in Portland, Maine will answer your questions respectfully, devoting the time necessary to assuage any and all of your concerns. You should expect respectful communication and timely updates on the status of your case.

3. The lawyer still shows enthusiasm.

Many lawyers become jaded over time, especially in dealing with the difficulties inherent in the criminal justice system. When you choose a criminal lawyer in Portland, Maine, however, you should seek out a lawyer who exudes confidence and sincere interest in you and your case.  At the same  he or she owes you an honest assessment of both the positive and negative aspects of the charge you face. Look for a lawyer who has the energy and determination to pursue every possible defense to attain the best possible outcome for every client, regardless of the circumstances.

4. The lawyer communicates with you quickly and effectively.

A criminal case can have a devastating impact your life for a long time after the case is over. You may face imprisonment,  community service that makes serious demands on your time, or end up paying fines and fees that put a strain on your financial circumstances.

You should expect your lawyer to be responsive to your needs, one who returns your calls, answers your emails, and otherwise communicates with you in a timely fashion. He or she should also be available when you need assistance whether during regular working hours or otherwise.  Similarly, you should expect your lawyer to reach out to you with pertinent information or any updates rather than wait for you to call to inquire whether there have been any new developments.  Finally, your lawyer should also make it clear that he or she welcomes any and all questions regardless of how simple it seems to you.

5. The law firm clearly explains billing practices and lets you know what to expect.

How much is a criminal defense attorney in Portland, Maine going to charge for your defense. For many people facing criminal charges, the cost of their defense is of paramount concern.  Thus you should expect your lawyer to be candid and clear in explaining the fee for your defense.

If a lawyer is unclear or ambiguous about the potential cost of providing legal assistance, you can’t accurately prepare your budget or, worse be confronted with charges you did not anticipate and cannot afford.  Instead, find an attorney who offers clear billing practices and will explain the probable costs to you up front.

6. The criminal defense attorney does their research.

Protecting your rights in a criminal case involves so much more than looking through police reports and checking the law in the area.  An experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney will engage in a thorough investigation on your behalf and thoroughly research all potential legal issues.  This includes interviewing witnesses, engaging an investigator if warranted and taking any additional steps to ensure a complete understanding of the facts and all legal defenses.

7. The attorney advises you about your rights.

Any time you face criminal accusations, you have the right to remain silent. You may also have the right to deny police access to your personal property, your home and your vehicle, without a warrant, even during an ongoing investigation. Your attorney will provide valuable advice about when and how to cooperate with the police and when to exercise your rights. In addition to preparing to defend you, whether that means going to trial or accepting a plea bargain, a good attorney will provide you with valuable advice that will help you more effectively navigate the situation in which you’ve found yourself.

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