40 Plus Years of Experience: Richard S. Berne

40 Plus Years of Experience: Richard Berne

We may all find ourselves in a legal bind at some point in our life. When that time is at hand, you will need someone in your corner. A criminal defense attorney can take the burden off your shoulders and fight your legal battles with you to secure the freedom you deserve.

The Law Office of Richard Berne has excelled in fighting the tough legal battles for all its clients and securing their freedom. Richard Berne is an experienced Portland, Maine criminal defense attorney who is highly regarded for his common sense approach to legal battles. For over 40 years, Richard has served his clients with dedication and zeal, always ready for the challenge.

Why Richard Berne?

Richard Berne’s experience makes him stand out in the crowd. His extensive experience extends to New York, Maine and Massachusetts. His practice serves across both state and federal law, making him knowledgeable in all statues and regulations your case may face. Richard Berne has also served as a federal prosecutor in San Francisco and New York, giving him the insight to best represent his clients. His vast experience is the bedrock of his law firm.

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Regardless of the case, Richard Berne will effectively communicate the intricate nature of the judicial process with all his clients, having experiences on both sides of the law. All available legal options are presented to each client bearing forth the insights and judgments while recommending the most appropriate resolution. Together, the best solution can be reached. Each client represented by this firm has a dedicated attorney in their corner fighting for their rights and freedom. Let us fight for you!