Attorney Fees

How much do you charge as an attorney and what forms of payment do you accept?

I offer a free initial case evaluation. After the initial case evaluation, I charge flat fees in many criminal cases. However, in some cases where the client is under investigation and has not need charged, I take a retainer against my hourly rate. If that client is charged, I either quote a flat fee for the prosecution that follows or continue with the hourly billing at the client’s discretion. I accept all major credit cards and checks.

What is the first step to retaining you as my attorney?

As for the first step, I generally meet with or speak with the client by phone to get a sense of the case, advise the client generally about the process he or she should expect and what the potential outcomes could be.

If I hired your law firm, what results could I expect?

No attorney can guarantee the results of your case. If they do, run away! Look at my track record of case results as an attorney to help you decide who to hire as your criminal defense attorney. I have been practicing in Federal and State Courts for 42 years.

Should the client decide to retain me, we provide them with a fee agreement. Once we are retained, we file a notice of appearance. I engage the client in a more in-depth interview and obtain relevant documents. We provide them to the client for review and further discussion.

This is generally how we proceed but each case is of course ultimately handled uniquely based on its particular facts.

Contact me today to request a free case evaluation by giving me a call at 207-871-7770.