Fraud Defense

Federal and State Fraud Defense

The Law Office of Richard Berne specializes in both state and Federal cases. Fraud is a very common type of offense that can be tried at the state and Federal levels. It’s a type of crime that is used to describe a wide range of acts, such as forgery, embezzlement, identity theft, and a wide range of others. Many of these are called “white collar crimes” because white collar crimes always involve fraud of some kind.

If you have been accused of fraud, there is a very high possibility that the case will be tried in state and/or federal court. When dealing with the federal court system, an experienced Portland federal defense attorney will help you navigate the law, challenge the prosecution’s case against you, and fight for a better future.

Fighting Against Federal Penalties

The United State District Attorney’s office prosecutes cases that are charged at the federal level. A conviction for a federal crime almost always results in more severe penalties than those imposed at the state level. Sentencing for convictions follow the federal guidelines, which can call for incarceration in federal prison.

If a fraud offense isn’t defined by a state law, it will always be charged as a federal crime. Most types of fraud are covered by state and federal laws, but there are times when federal law is the only law. This means there is no way to escape the federal court process and even the penalty system.

Federal laws also come into play in areas that aren’t covered by state laws, such as national parks.

Regardless of the reason for the charge or the type of charge, you deserve a solid and fair defense.

Types of Fraud Charges

There are different types of offenses that can be charged as fraud or fraud may be an additional element. They are:

  • Drug offenses – Drug crimes can involve conspiracy and money laundering, which are two types of fraud. Drug crimes can be tried at the state level, but drug trafficking that crosses state lines and results in arrest by the DEA or a federal officer is charged at the federal level.
  • Violent crimes – Organized crime, kidnapping, terrorist threats, gang violence, hate crimes, and serial crimes can be charged at the federal level. These are some of the most serious charges a person can face.
  • White collar crimes – Securities fraud, Ponzi schemes, tax evasion, and deception of any kind that causes damages to another person are classified as white collar crimes. Most of the time, these offenses are charged as federal offenses.
  • Computer crimes – Any offense that involves the use of the telephone system or internet is charged at the federal level. In addition to identity theft, stealing financial information, using the internet for sex trafficking, and the transmission of child pornography, sexting, and cyberbullying can also result in criminal charges.

Contact A Portland Federal Defense Attorney

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