Avoid Deportation with Good Counsel


The United States of America is an always-changing global community, hosting nationalities from every corner of the world. People visit the land of opportunity everyday hoping for a brighter tomorrow. Some have become residents or applied for citizenship through the Green Card program. Others are simply in the United States for work purposes or to get an education. Regardless of their status or reasons to stay, immigration law applies to all.

If you are faced with legal trouble while in the United States, you may the face harsh punishments like deportation under todays immigration law. You will need an experience criminal defense attorney who knows the ins and outs of federal and state legal system to negotiate your case. Avoiding deportation today can be a hard battle to face alone. The Law Office of Richard S. Berne knows it is possible to avoid deportation with the right approach and a deep understanding of immigration law. They are aware of provisions in the law that can be exploited to grant you a second chance in the US.

Richard S. Berne, a criminal defense attorney Portland, Maine has a wealth of experience spanning four decades in professional legal practice in the US including immigration laws and deportation. His law office has helped many avoid deportations under the difficult draconian immigration climate. They have defended cases dealing with drugs and other criminal conduct under immigration laws. Rest assure that your case will be properly handled and your best interest is their number one concern.

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