Portland Maine’s Federal Defense Attorney Richard Berne: Are You Being Implicated in a Healthcare Conspiracy?

Are you being implicated in a healthcare conspiracy? The Law Office of Federal Defense Attorney Richard Berne has successfully defended healthcare individuals and providers in allegations of conspiracies involving Medicare Fraud in Maine for over 42 years. Health care investigations are on the rise One of the most significant potential impacts to your health care provider business or practice… Read more »

Rising Cocaine Crimes In Maine: Lawyers Looking At Drug Trafficking Cases From 2018

At least one news outlet in Portland has noted the increase in cocaine related arrests in Maine.  See,”oCocaine’s Comeback: Maine Drug Arrest Data Shows Increase In Cocaine Cases.” Nearly a third of drug arrests in 2018 were in connection with cocaine possession or trafficking. However, according to the MDEA (Maine Drug Enforcement Agency), heroin, fentanyl and other opiates… Read more »

Medicare and Medicaid Fraud in Maine

The  Medicare and Medicaid systems have very strict rules as to how claims are to be filed which if violated may have serious criminal and/or civil consequences.  In many instances this complicated scheme of regulations may not have been  violated intentionally.   Nonetheless, because of the numerous  types of potential Medicare and Medicaid fraud that may be charged and… Read more »