What to Look for in a Robbery Lawyer in Portland, Maine

People are confronted with various life-changing events on a daily basis, such as a cancer diagnosis, suffering devastating injury in a car accident or the like or suffering from the loss of a loved one. These tragedies dramatically alter our perspective, and often leave us devastated requiring  months to heal.  At the Law Office of Richard S. Berne, we realize that being charged with a serious crime can also devastate defendants and their families. That’s where we can help.

The Background

It’s hard to imagine how much pain and uncertainty is experienced by family members when you are accused of robbery in the state of Maine. Your dependents wonder how they will survive if you are convicted and/or incarcerated.  We are here to help people get  best representation possible in and out of court and to help them understand their rights under the laws of Maine.  Our firm’s founder, Richard S. Berne, has over four decades of experience trying robbery cases on behalf of local defendants.

What We Do

We understand that being arrested and accused of robbery is a serious matter. In this state, robbery is defined in Maine Statute 17A, Chapter 27, and  may be committed in five different ways. A defendant may be found guilty of robbery if he or she commits theft or attempts to commit theft and at the time does one of the following:

+ recklessly inflicts bodily harm on another,

+ threatens to use force against any person present or otherwise intentionally or knowingly places any person present in fear of the imminent use of force,

+ uses physical force on another with the specific intent  defined in the statute,

+ intentionally inflicts or attempts to inflict bodily injury on another, or

+ is armed with a dangerous weapon in the course of a robbery as defined above or knows that the accomplice is so armed.

Get an Expert Attorney to Represent You for Portland Robbery Charges

In Maine, a robbery charge will either be classified as a Class A crime or a Class B crime, both serious felonies that can result in lengthy terms of imprisonment.  If there are additional charges in your case, you could face even more jail time. The court also considers whether you have a criminal in determining the severity of your punishment.  An experienced lawyer like Richard S. Berne is familiar with and well equipped to handle these problems to ensure you the best possible outcome.

This is Serious Business

Given the potential serious consequences of  facing criminal charges, it is critically important to hire an attorney to represent you as early as possible in the process. Your lawyer will start collecting the facts of the case as soon as possible, including meeting with you in jail to collect the facts and to form a strategy to get you released on bond. We have a professional legal team that works under the leadership of Richard S. Berne to handle your case. We will stop at nothing to review the evidence that the state has against you and to seek any and all evidence that may help to build your defense. You are innocent until proven guilty and deserve a fair trial.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn about your legal rights when accused of a crime in Portland, Maine. For a free consultation for your Portland robbery case or to help a relative get legal advice, please contact us today.