Small Town America and Illegal Drugs

Despite legislation and media attention directed toward the scourge of drug abuse and dependence, it continues to be a national problem. In the past, serious drug use was largely a city problem. Today, however, it is equally common in Small Town America where law enforcement resources may be decidedly more limited.

Drug Trafficking and Drug Use Are Serious Offenses.

Selling and/or using illegal drugs carry substantial penalties in many states. A person convicted of drug trafficking may face draconian mandatory minimum prison sentences, if convicted. If arrested for a drug ­related offense, it is time to hire a Maine criminal defense attorney who is an expert in the relevant law. You want the attorney you hire to have the requisite experience to ensure a vigorous defense and a fair judgment, if convicted.

Richard S. Berne is an experienced criminal attorney who will assist you in the event of an arrest for a drug-related offense. He will protect your rights and assure a fair process by the arresting officers and prosecutors. Without a lawyer, you may fail to understand the best course of action or the complex defenses available to you.