Charged With A Crime but Have Coronavirus Concerns? Get Your Free Case Evaluation from Home

Coronavirus Disrupting the Legal Process Unfortunately, the recent coronavirus outbreak has disrupted most everyone’s life because of social distancing rules, shelter-in-place rules, and self-quarantining requirements. Yet, the world does not stop, especially if you have been arrested and charged with a crime. Regardless of the current pandemic, you have the same Constitutional rights and should… Read more »

Mail & Wire Fraud in Maine

Federal Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud Defense Lawyer The federal mail fraud statute criminalizes the intentional planning, creation or carrying out of a scheme to defraud another person, business or an entity by use of the U.S. mail system or any interstate delivery system in furtherance of such conduct.  Wire fraud involves the intentional planning,… Read more »

Penalties and Charges for DUI, OUI in Maine

If you get pulled over while under the influence of alcohol (or any other substance), you may face a charge of Operating Under the Influence (OUI). In order to completely understand the consequences of such a charge, you need to understand the potential charges and penalties if you are convicted. So, what does it mean… Read more »

Maine Domestic Assault Charges, Defenses, and Sentences

For the past several years domestic violence cases have been a priority of state prosecutors in Maine and around the country.  Thus the number of prosecutions has increased dramatically and the sentences have become more severe. What constitutes domestic violence in Maine? Domestic violence, which is short for domestic violence assault, is basically assault against… Read more »

Maine’s Process For Extradition for Fugitives From Justice

Maine law contains detailed procedures for the extradition of a person in Maine accused of a crime in another state or who has been convicted of a crime in another state. While the term ‘fugitive from justice’ may conjure up images of Harrison Ford desperately fleeing from the police, it applies to people who may… Read more »

Can I Obtain A Limited License Or Work Permit In Maine After DWI?

Being charged with Operating Under then Influance (OUI) is undoutedly serious given the potential jail sentence and the fines.  However, perhaps the most devastating consequence is the suspension of your driver’s license. There is, fortunately, a procedure in Maine to continue driving under certain circumstances before the official suspension is completed. This opportunity is called… Read more »

Was Your Criminal Record Expunged? Who Can and Can’t See It

Many people are genuinely concerned about the impact their criminal record may have on their lives moving forward.  Unfortunately, Maine law does not provide for the expungement of criminal records, except under very limited circumstances. Maine law does permit executive pardons (under certain circumstances) by the Governor.  In addition, it provides for expungement sealing of… Read more »

How To Find The Best Maine Criminal Defense Lawyer For You

Most of us hope we will never need the services of a criminal defense lawyer since being charged with a crime is overwhelming and extremely stressful.  Moreover, if the need should arise, you face a bit of a quandary since there are numerous criminal defense attorneys and those unfamiliar with the legal system may have… Read more »

Sexual Assault Defense Attorney in Portland, Maine

In addition to severe penalties, a sexual assault conviction may also carries a serious social stigma; in fact a mere charge of such conduct may adversely affect one’s standing among friends, family, and even complete strangers.  If convicted, there is the likelihood of a term of imprisonment and the duty to register as a sex offender which may have… Read more »

Federal Criminal False Claim Crimes

There are several criminal statutes that target false claims and services against the federal government.  They are contained in Chapter 15 of Title 18 of the Federal Criminal Code.  The primary statute is Title 18 United States Code Section 287 which criminalizes any knowingly false claim made upon or against any department of the United… Read more »