Maine Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Firearm Charges

Maine Firearm Defense Lawyer A firearm charge may be brought by either state or federal prosecutors depending on seriousness of the allegations or what investigative agency handled the investigation. Maine statutes contain both misdemeanor and felony firearm provisions and ultimately the prosecutor will determine whether you will face state or federal charges. Unlawful Possession of a Firearm Charge Under Maine’s… Read more »

Human Trafficking & Promoting Prostitution Charges In Maine

Human Trafficking in Maine Human trafficking is the third largest criminal activity in the world and is a form of slavery, forced labor, domestic servitude and commercial sex trafficking. A 2016 “Maine Human Trafficking Needs Assessment” report is a study of human trafficking in Maine and shows that hundreds of victims are of sex trafficking are reported each… Read more »

Defense Against Solicitation of Prostitution Charges

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ most recent arrest report, law enforcement arrested 47,598 Americans for prostitution charges in 2014. Sadly, most people experience terrible consequences when prosecutors charge them for alleged prostitution crimes. In Maine, these stigmatizing charges can ruin reputations and destroy professional careers. The police can arrest and imprison prostitutes and… Read more »

Federal Sex Offender Failure to Notify

Title 1 of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 established the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, also known as SORNA. SORNA’s purpose is to close the loopholes and gaps that existed under previous laws, which has resulted in the strengthening of the national sex offender registration network. The purpose of… Read more »

Federal Sex Offender Requirements in Maine

Maine Criminal Defense Lawyer A person who is convicted a sex related crime, will in most instances have to register with the Maine Sex  Offender Registry for the a minimum of 10 years or in some cases for life.  Failure to do so may result in serious consequences. What information is required for registration? When you sign up for the registry, you… Read more »

Criminal Defense for Portland Maine Drug Crimes

Portland Maine Criminal Defense Lawyer An  arrest for a drug crime in Maine is a serious matter and requires the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  A conviction will have a long-term impact on your life including a  criminal record which will impact your ability to secure housing, a job or a student loan. If you are facing… Read more »

Medicare and Medicaid Fraud in Maine

The  Medicare and Medicaid systems have very strict rules as to how claims are to be filed which if violated may have serious criminal and/or civil consequences.  In many instances this complicated scheme of regulations may not have been  violated intentionally.   Nonetheless, because of the numerous  types of potential Medicare and Medicaid fraud that may be charged and… Read more »

Criminal Actions and How They Affect Professional Licenses in Maine

Criminal prosecutions frequently affect a professional license, even if the criminal charge is unrelated to a defendant’s profession. Thus it is critical in these situations to retain an attorney with expertise in both criminal defense and in professional licensing issues.  Otherwise, a felony conviction and certain misdemeanor convictions may result in suspension or revocation of a professional license. Thus the goal in representing… Read more »

Federal and Maine Child Pornography Laws

Child pornography is serious offense under both state and federal law. Thus a person involved in such activity may be subject to either federal charges or state charges depending on whether the matter is investigated by federal or state law enforcement officials.  Both federal and state law prohibit the creation, distribution, reception, possession, and importation of… Read more »