Medicare and Medicaid Fraud in Maine

The  Medicare and Medicaid systems have very strict rules as to how claims are to be filed which if violated may have serious criminal and/or civil consequences.  In many instances this complicated scheme of regulations may not have been  violated intentionally.   Nonetheless, because of the numerous  types of potential Medicare and Medicaid fraud that may be charged and… Read more »

Criminal Actions and How They Affect Professional Licenses in Maine

Criminal prosecutions frequently affect a professional license, even if the criminal charge is unrelated to a defendant’s profession. Thus it is critical in these situations to retain an attorney with expertise in both criminal defense and in professional licensing issues.  Otherwise, a felony conviction and certain misdemeanor convictions may result in suspension or revocation of a professional license. Thus the goal in representing… Read more »

Federal and Maine Child Pornography Laws

Child pornography is serious offense under both state and federal law. Thus a person involved in such activity may be subject to either federal charges or state charges depending on whether the matter is investigated by federal or state law enforcement officials.  Both federal and state law prohibit the creation, distribution, reception, possession, and importation of… Read more »

Medicare and Medicaid Fraud by Health Care Providers

Of the types of health care fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud are among the most common forms of misconduct prosecuted under of the federal False Claims Act (FCA). The False Claims Act was enacted in 1863 by Congress and is also known as the “Lincoln Law.” It’s a law that protects the government against false… Read more »

Why You Should Retain an Attorney When an Investigation Starts

Portland Maine Criminal Defense Attorney Often times an investigation by local or federal authorities is begun without the knowledge of the person or entity that is the target thereof.  It may be based on an anonymous tip, an allegation by the alleged victim, cooperation by an alleged co-conspirator or other sources.  Sooner or later the… Read more »

Drug Trafficking – A Federal Offense

Criminal Defense Lawyer Portland, Maine Drug trafficking or distribution may be charged as a state or federal offense and carries a potentially lengthy sentence upon conviction.  The jurisdiction in which a drug trafficking offense is charged is very significant since generally speaking the sentences imposed in federal drug cases are far harsher than in similar state cases. Whether a drug trafficking… Read more »

What to Do in the Face of a Tax Evasion Charge

Tax evasion is ordinarily a federal offense. This means it is going to be investigated and prosecuted at the federal level. This also means a very aggressive prosecution and very substantial penalties if convicted. This is a conviction that could be life altering with draconian financial consequences. This doesn’t mean that everyone who owes money… Read more »

Understanding Maine Theft Crimes and Penalties

Like all crimes in Maine, theft crimes are categorized by class. The value of the stolen item, the intent of the perpetrator, and the method by which the crime was committed are factors which determine the category of a theft crime. The categories range from minor misdemeanor charges to very serious felony charges. In either case, it is necessary to hire a… Read more »

Felony Possession of a Firearm

Felony possession of a firearm is a crime that can be tried at the state and Federal levels. However, for a person to be accused of this crime, they must be considered a “prohibited person.” According to Federal law 8 U.S.C. § 922(g)(1-9), a prohibited person is defined as any of the following: A person… Read more »