What is White Collar Crime and Do You Need a Lawyer?

Maine White Collar Criminal Lawyer

White collar crimes are unique, complicated and thus require an attorney with specific experience with such cases.  Examples are tax evasion, security fraud, embezzlement, fraudulent schemes to obtain property or money, check kiting, advance fee schemes, health care fraud and the like.  Richard Berne has had  extensive experience with such cases as a federal prosecutor, a white collar criminal defense lawyer in New York City for 12 years and during the past 26 years handling  such matters in Maine.

The defense of white collar charges often begins at the investigative stage when a target of the investigation receives a subpoena from the prosecutor’s office, is visited by a law enforcement agent who tries to question him or her or learns that an employee or business partner has received such a visit or inquiry.  It is imperative that such a person obtain a lawyer immediately upon learning of the investigation so the attorney may engage the prosecution as early as possible and undertake his own parallel investigation of the allegations.  The attorney can arrange for counsel for employees or partners who the investigators wish to question, hire his own private investigators, forensic accountants and other experts to assist in these complicated cases.  Richard Berne’s efforts on behalf of white collar clients have often resulted in no charges being brought or a resolution of the case under terms far less onerous than if the client had waited until he or she is formerly charged.

Types of White Collar Crime

  • Embezzlement
  • Bribery or Kickbacks
  • Security Fraud
  • Check Kiting
  • Advanced Fee Schemes
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Computer Fraud
  • Insider Trading
  • Tax Evasion

Do You Need a White Collar Crimes Lawyer?

With Richard Berne by your side you will be properly represented. Richard has experience as a federal prosecutor in New York City for several years and 25 years experience in Maine. For more information and if you would like to discuss your case, please contact us today.