Federal Criminal False Claim Crimes

There are several criminal statutes that target false claims and services against the federal government.  They are contained in Chapter 15 of Title 18 of the Federal Criminal Code.  The primary statute is Title 18 United States Code Section 287 which criminalizes any knowingly false claim made upon or against any department of the United… Read more »

What Makes a Good Criminal Lawyer in Portland, Maine?

When you’ve been accused of a crime, you want ensure that you have a highly-qualified lawyer on your side; someone who with extensive experience with the court system and equally experienced in the type of charge you are facing . Unfortunately, most people are not equipped to determine whether a particular lawyer has the experience and skills to properly… Read more »

Federal Bank Robbery Defense Lawyer in Maine

Bank robbery is a serious federal offense which may result in harsh penalties including incarceration and a fine.  If you’ve been charged with  bank robbery, you may feel overwhelmed and concerned. Nonetheless, you have every right to contest such charges including insisting on a trial if necessary.  A skilled Maine bank robbery defense attorney can protect your… Read more »

Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Portland, Maine

Federal and State Criminal Defense Are you looking for a criminal defense attorney in Portland, Maine who: Is experienced and uniquely qualified to represent criminal defendants effectively? Has represented criminal defendants in a vast range of white collar, drug and general criminal defense cases? Has handled numerous cases in both federal and state courts in Maine, Massachusetts,… Read more »

Maine OUI / DUI Lawyer

Are you facing OUI / DUI charges in Maine? It is imperative that you contact a Maine OUI /DUI defense attorney who will aggressively fight to defend charges. Your best-bet is to contact a Maine criminal defense attorney to ensure you receive the most comprehensive advice to protect your rights and to provide for the… Read more »

Maine Child Sexual Abuse & Gross Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

If you or someone you know needs assistance due to being charged with abuse of a child, contact criminal defense lawyer, Richard S. Berne, today. Child sexual abuse is generally classified as a felony under Maine law, punishable by imprisonment and/or a fine. Call Richard S. Berne now for help. Applicable Case Results The Law Office of… Read more »

How Attorney-Client Privilege Works In Juvenile Cases

When a young person is accused of a crime, it is not unusual for their parents to step in to provide support, financial assistance, and parental guidance. It’s also common for parents to hire a criminal defense lawyer to ensure their son or daughter has qualified, experienced representation to assist in dealing with a criminal charge. But when your… Read more »

Maine Assault Defense Attorney

Portland, Maine Criminal Defense Attorney If you have been charged with assault, it helps to understand which of several potential charges you may be facing. In Maine there are different classifications of assault based on the alleged conduct, the seriousness of the injuries and the characteristics of the alleged victim. What  are the classifications of Assault in Maine? As noted… Read more »

Maine Criminal Court

Maine Criminal Court Attorney What was once a two-tiered system of the judicial branch in Maine is now a single entity known as the Unified Criminal Docket (UCD).  Cases processes in this system include: Criminal actions Certain associated civil actions The UCD strives to: Promote prompt and fair resolution of cases by sharing  case information… Read more »

Maine Criminal Defense Lawyer

Maine Criminal Defense Lawyer If you, a family member or friend is under instigation for or charged with a criminal offense,  it is imperative to  search for an experienced, well-trained defense attorney to assist in obtaining the best possible resolution of the matter. In Portland, Maine, that lawyer is Richard S. Berne. His 42 years of hands on experience and… Read more »