Looking for an Assault Lawyer in Portland, Maine?

At the Law Office of Richard S. Berne, we have over 40+ years of experience providing criminal defense charges. Over the years, we have learned that certain assault charges are without merit and that false accusations run rampant in the court system. There are several layers of complexity when fighting an assault charge, yet our team is… Read more »

Portland Maine Embezzlement Lawyer

Embezzlement is a unique kind of property theft defined by the conditions of access and trust. While the majority of embezzlement cases are for big money, Maine law defines it as taking anything of value, money or property, from someone who has entrusted their money or items to your care. This means that even if you took… Read more »

Portland Maine Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Maine is one of the most conflicted states to have successfully legalized marijuana and its policies on recreational use reflect this. There have been arguments, recounts, and the final successful referendum was passed against the wishes of the standing Governor who has made it clear that he will continue to oppose legalization. Even municipalities are preparing to locally ban… Read more »

Conspiracy Criminal Defense Lawyer Services in Portland, Maine

A conspiracy is criminal charge involving a plot between two or more people to commit crime at a future date, or achieving a legal outcome in an illegal fashion. For example, two inmates who become embroiled in an attempt to assassinate a prison guard on their next shift commit conspiracy. If a contractor and subcontractor… Read more »

Maine Operating After Suspension Lawyer

If you are charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license, it is important to understand the charge and possible penalties. Maine criminal code Title 29-A, section 2414-A says that someone who operates a vehicle on the road or in a parking lot while their license has been suspended or revoked and has received… Read more »

Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Maine

If you’re thinking about the penalties for drug trafficking in Maine, then you’ll want to make sure you know these three things: How does Maine define drug trafficking?  Generally, the term drug trafficking refers to the sale and distribution of illegal drugs. The Maine criminal code defines unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs as a person who intentionally (knowingly)… Read more »

Maine Habitual Offender Status

5 Things Everyone Should Know about Maine Habitual Offender Status Maine has tough driving laws which can subject drivers to heavy fines if they violate the rules. You may already know something about Maine’s driving laws but you may have a few questions; for example, what does it mean to have Maine habitual offender status?… Read more »