Small Town America and Illegal Drugs

Despite legislation and media attention directed toward the scourge of drug abuse and dependence, it continues to be a national problem. In the past, serious drug use was largely a city problem. Today, however, it is equally common in Small Town America where law enforcement resources may be decidedly more limited. Drug Trafficking and Drug… Read more »

Prevent Becoming a Victim of Computer Crimes

  Cyberattacks and computer crimes are on the rise and, as technology advances, so too does the ability of diverse groups or individuals to victimize you. Although there is no fail-safe way to avoid computer crime completely, there are some simple measures you can take to prevent you from falling prey to cyberattacks.   Identify… Read more »

Five Facts about Heroin in Maine

There is a stigma attached to heroin use and users are often perceived as undesirables. Facts show that, although heroin use is a serious problem in Maine, many users were once productive members of the community and have been caught in a cycle of addiction with few alternatives. The state is working to alleviate some… Read more »

White Collar Crime: Bankruptcy Fraud

  What is white collar crime? White collar crime refers to non-violent criminal activities that are committed for financial gain and include bribery, fraud, and embezzlement.  Bankruptcy fraud Bankruptcy is the legal process by which a debtor can obtain relief from overwhelming debt. When filing for bankruptcy, a debtor is required to provide a list… Read more »

White Collar Crime: Credit Card Fraud

What is white collar crime? White collar crimes are typically non-violent crimes that are motivated by financial gain. These crimes include bribery, fraud, extortion, embezzlement, and similar offenses with a common thread of fraud and/or deceit as motivation. Credit Card Fraud Credit card fraud is a form of identity theft. This white collar crime involves… Read more »

You Should Have Former Federal Prosecutor On Your Side

The Law Office of Richard S. Berne has the strong advantage of having a former federal prosecutor on its team. What does that mean to you? Imagine having your opponent’s playbook before the big game. You will be familiar with every play even before they make it. Your game will be much more competitive and… Read more »

Avoid Deportation with Good Counsel

The United States of America is an always-changing global community, hosting nationalities from every corner of the world. People visit the land of opportunity everyday hoping for a brighter tomorrow. Some have become residents or applied for citizenship through the Green Card program. Others are simply in the United States for work purposes or to… Read more »

40 Plus Years of Experience: Richard S. Berne

40 Plus Years of Experience: Richard Berne We may all find ourselves in a legal bind at some point in our life. When that time is at hand, you will need someone in your corner. A criminal defense attorney can take the burden off your shoulders and fight your legal battles with you to secure… Read more »

Draconian Sentencing in Drug Cases

  As a result of the crack cocaine epidemic in the 1980’s, Congress imposed draconian maximum sentences on all drug-related statutes. Draconian meaning excessively harsh and severe consequences that can be traced back to Draco the Athenian who gave heavy punishments for small offenses. The Congress also implemented the Federal Sentencing Guideline regimen that also… Read more »

3 Ways You Can Lose Your Firearm in Maine

The State of Maine has a strong and enduring tradition of the right to own and possess firearms for protection, sport, and hunting.  Unfortunately, there are many situations that can lead to the loss of this right, as well as prosecution.  If you feel that your Maine gun rights are in jeopardy, or that you… Read more »