Drug Trafficking – A Federal Offense

Criminal Defense Lawyer Portland, Maine Drug trafficking or distribution may be charged as a state or federal offense and carries a potentially lengthy sentence upon conviction.  The jurisdiction in which a drug trafficking offense is charged is very significant since generally speaking the sentences imposed in federal drug cases are far harsher than in similar state cases. Whether a drug trafficking… Read more »

What to Do in the Face of a Tax Evasion Charge

Tax evasion is ordinarily a federal offense. This means it is going to be investigated and prosecuted at the federal level. This also means a very aggressive prosecution and very substantial penalties if convicted. This is a conviction that could be life altering with draconian financial consequences. This doesn’t mean that everyone who owes money… Read more »

Understanding Maine Theft Crimes and Penalties

Like all crimes in Maine, theft crimes are categorized by class. The value of the stolen item, the intent of the perpetrator, and the method by which the crime was committed are factors which determine the category of a theft crime. The categories range from minor misdemeanor charges to very serious felony charges. In either case, it is necessary to hire a… Read more »

Felony Possession of a Firearm

Felony possession of a firearm is a crime that can be tried at the state and Federal levels. However, for a person to be accused of this crime, they must be considered a “prohibited person.” According to Federal law 8 U.S.C. § 922(g)(1-9), a prohibited person is defined as any of the following: A person… Read more »

Maine Human Trafficking Lawyer

How is Human Trafficking Legally Defined in Maine? What exactly is human trafficking?  Obvious examples, as seen on television  and in the movies,  involve containers full of enslaved, starving women or a dingy basement full of shackled women and men but in reality there are more subtle forms of human trafficking  involving the use of coercion, force, and fraud to force people into occupations… Read more »

Maine OUI Lawyer

Maine Mandatory Minimum Penalties For Repeat OUI Convictions Aggravating Factors Speeding 30mph Blood Alcohol Level BAC at 0.15 or more Eluding and Resisting Any attempt to avoid being apprehended  and breath-tested, no matter how minor Minor Passenger Anyone in the car under the age of 21 Breath Test Refusal If you refuse the breath test,… Read more »

What are the Consequences for Maine Drugged Driving?

What is Drugged Driving? Officially known as an OUI or Operating Under the Influence, drugged driving is the specific term used for cases where it is alleged a person operated a vehicle under the influence of any drugs including but not limited heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and any similar controlled substances. This is an incredibly dangerous… Read more »

Child Pornography Laws in Maine

In Maine child pornography is strictly prohibited a person found guilty of such conduct will be subject to severe penalties. In addition, perpetrators will generally be required to be registered as sex offenders in perpetuity. similarly, caregivers and other mandated reporters may be found liable for failing to report or prevent the abuse of children. Sexual Exploitation of a Minor… Read more »

Assault Laws in the State of Maine

The common law crime of assault is defined as causing a reasonably prudent person to apprehend the imminent occurrence of a harmful or offensive touch. Traditionally, there did not need to be an actual contact between the person committing assault and the victim; if the contact actually did occur then it was called “battery” and… Read more »

What is White Collar Crime and Do You Need a Lawyer?

Maine White Collar Criminal Lawyer White collar crimes are unique, complicated and thus require an attorney with specific experience with such cases.  Examples are tax evasion, security fraud, embezzlement, fraudulent schemes to obtain property or money, check kiting, advance fee schemes, health care fraud and the like.  Richard Berne has had  extensive experience with such… Read more »